Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th





About this…

If you’re someone affected by the platform’s definition of what they’re going to be banning, I strongly suggest you back up your Tumblr blog. RIGHT NOW. Info on how to do that is here.

I can’t think why my own Tumblr would be affected, but I’ll be backing things up too… because in situations like this one might expect the algorithm to get a little out of hand and make mistakes that one might or might not be able to recover from. (See this article.)

For safety’s sake – because I’d very much dislike losing the content I’ve shared with other people here – I’l be embodying my Tumblr content in a new WordPress blog over the coming days. I’ll share the address here when it’s ready, for those who might be interested.

But in the meantime, seriously: friends and cousins, back yourselves up.

Welp… I’ll be seeing ya if they do this.

Same. I’ll export the blog to my wordpress and post the link, just in case.

Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th


Highlights from the interview to Roland Møller and Alex Høgh Andersen for INPUT


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two Danish world stars met for the first time in Soundvenue and Nescafé
Azeras INPUT room on Friday night, where they exchanged
experiences and stories from their work on major international

“You are more beautiful in person,” says Alex Høgh Andersen to Roland Møller. “I wish I could say the same,” he replies, and then we start.

avoid the conversation becoming too serious, the moderator, Soundvenue’s film editor Jacob Ludvigsen, puts a
treasure chest with a guy named Johan.

the team needs to break up the talk with an easier subject, they ask Johan, to draw a category, among other things,
about the actors’ film anecdotes and fan experiences. Here are some of the highlights of the evening:

To play a role in Vikings

“I came in and then I asked Michael Hirst, the author and only scriptwriter, about what Ivar was doing. Then he said that he suffers from this disease and it hurts like hell. Then I asked if he had that disease all his life, if it was permanent. He said he was pretty sure he did. By that time I had made several scenes with other actors who played Ivar. The others were all sitting and showing the pain. I thought that if he had suffered from the disease all his life, he was used to the constant pain, and then I didn’t show the pain. Then I think Michael Hirst was clapping his hands when I left the room. And I thought, ok, I’ll crawl for the next six months. ”

About bad hair

“I’ve been through six different haircuts for three and a half years in ‘Vikings’. I had just been shaved for a short film in Denmark. When I showed up for the ‘Vikings’ casting, they had absolutely nothing to play with. At first, I did not get the role just because of it because they like their looks. The rest of the world has a certain view of how vikings look.I got the role in th end, but then they make a v-cut in my neck. I have thick hair so it starts to grow and it ends up like it looks like I’m having a headache. And I keep shooting with this distress on my head. Finally, it’s growing a lot and they have to comb it back, because now it’s simply looking stupid. There are some pictures I’m trying to get deleted from the internet. ”

To enter the zone in solo battle scenes

“When you get such a scene, you know that it will be a long day. But when you are in it, you forget everything. Then everything is gone, and you dissolve into this insane area of focus, which I can only recognize when I do sports. You enter a zone where you forget everything else. Even if it hurts, you do not feel it. It just drives you and that very moment is the only thing you can think of and it is simply the most liberating thing in the world.

So, of course, you do it 20 times in a row, but hopefully you’ll do something new every time or try to go even more aggressive. In that situation, there’s nothing else – when you’re freezing, you’re stuck, you’ve got 200 extras standing up and watching you, you have four cameras and two on the crane, you have people standing in the corner with little sprinklers with blood and they splash them on you while you’re yelling, ‘You can not kill me!’ There’s nothing but giving 110 % and those are the moments you live for as an actor. ’

Is an acting education abroad less worthy?

"There may be something about that, because you’re a a stranger in any case. They are a little indifferent to your background, that’s what you’re doing now that counts.”

About the biggest action challenge

"We had a big sequence on the water in season four. I was working for 10 days only at that point so I was completely green and I almost pissed myself I was so nervous. It’s the fourth day we shoot in the water from 8 to 6 in the evening. There is no lunch break, and it is Ireland so there are no unions. You shoot for ten hours nonstop with wind machine, rain machine and waves. It has been for four days, and we have reached the last day and a sequence where I will get stuck to the mast and we will tilt the boat. They did not quite think the water was so high, so when the mast falls down, I land right under the water and I lie there making bubbles. In the first run, they first find out seven-eight seconds after I was crying out, and they are like, "Where the hell is Alex?” And then we had to do it it eight times more. “

Hewwo, it’s your chatty Ivarzine plotter 😏 You know a few things about me, hope they’ll be useful to sail this ship before it gets set on fire 😅 Something extra: I’ve had my adventures but they didn’t last long and no outdoor activity was included *coughs and plays cinnamon roll*; I’m the one in charge, I like things the way I do them; I’m both shy and curious, but you’ll never see me out of place…I’d add more but it’s long as it is * waits in the shadows*


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Ivar x You


I used a number generator and you got these:

12. who is louder? Ivar. No one is louder than Ivar. 

24. whose hair clogs the shower drain and who cleans it up? both your hair – and you’d clean it up.

28. who ruins dinner and who suggests take-out? Ivar ruins the dinner – you could save it somehow but you’d suggest take-out instead.

42. who pulls better pranks? Ivar

27. who steals the others clothes? You steal his clothes 

14. who is more dominate? Everyone thinks Ivar is but you are.

17. who initiates shower sex? Ivar

8. who would have the best holiday ideas? You

9. who would pour water on the other to wake them up? You’d pour water on him on a regular basis

29. who proposes a pet and what pet do the propose? You – a cat 😉 

When with friends or in public you are Ivar’s perfect wifey: polite, dressed up, and intelligent. Being around people you know you can easily join a conversation and when his family visits you, you love to cook the perfect dinner – you get everyone thinking “this little troublemaker doesn’t deserve a woman like this”… but! behind closed doors it’s you who ‘wears the pants’. He knows you are able to kick his ass so hard, he sometimes doesn’t even dare to speak up and slams doors and pouts all day instead. …yet he likes and needs this somehow. Finally he found someone who is not afraid of him. 


Wait this is me in every relationship i’ve ever had!

@ivaraddict thank you, sweetie 🐄🐄🐄